Advocacy and Social Supports

What is FCSS Advocacy?

We help people. If a citizen in our community needs help understanding or accessing social supports we will help sort out their needs and how those needs can be met and by whom. Many of those we help are seniors but we are not limited by age or ability. Our advocate will listen to the person’s story and assess the need and see what resources are available to address that need. Often we refer the person to another agency for direct assistance or we may help with government forms (on line or on paper). We work closely with Alberta Seniors and other government agencies including the federal government, non-governmental agencies and corporations. Click here for more information about Alberta Seniors.

What Social Supports does FCSS offer?

We have a range of direct supports we do provide to individuals and families in the community.  Each is unique and developed to address a social need.  Below we have listed our longer running programs. We do take on short term projects and support special events that fit within our mandate.

  • Meals on Wheels
    M.O.W. is perhaps our longest standing program having begun over 40 years ago.  We coordinate delivery of a hot meal, prepared in the Hospital, to the home of a person in need.  We do limit delivery to in-town only. There is a fee for the meal which is billed by Covenant Health.  Volunteers are recruited and from time to time we do look for new drivers.
  • Volunteer Income Tax
    We are one of the community agencies providing the federal Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. We will arrange for your taxes to be completed and e-filed for low income individuals. There are restrictions, call to find out if you qualify.
  • Bonnyville Handibus
    FCSS supports the work of the community committee which keeps this bus for the handicapped rolling in our community.  This bus is intended for individuals in wheel chairs or who have other mobility issues which prevent the use of other forms of transportation.  There is a cost per trip.  For more information about the bus you can call our office.
  • M.D. of Bonnyville Transportation Grant
    The M.D. of Bonnyville offers a grant to seniors who are 65 years of age or older and whose primary residence is in the M.D. of Bonnyville.  Only claims for medically necessary appointments referred by a Medical Doctor and not otherwise available within the municipality will be accepted.  Reimbursements are not eligible for medical appointments within Cold Lake, Bonnyville, or Glendon.  The mileage rate reimbursed will be in accordance with M.D. Policy No. 2B.025 Reimbursement and Expense Claims Policy found on the M.D. website: A more detailed description of the grant and an application form is available here: MD_Transportation_Grant_Fillable Form or by calling the office.
  • Community Inter-Agency
    FCSS coordinates the Interagency meetings which occur five times per year.  For Inter-agency Directory or Events Calendar click the links at the top of the page.

Can FCSS collaborate as a community partner?

FCSS believes strongly in the cooperative and collaborative approach. We are currently is involved with a range of community programs and events as a community partner.  In some cases FCSS serves as banker for a group or project.  We also take the lead in seeking funding through grants from government and non-governmental funders.

For example currently we are involved as a community partner in projects as diverse as;

  • Go Girl Project,
  • Lakeland Women’s Conference,
  • Palliative Care Committee,
  • A regional Elder Abuse Prevention project and others

We believe that it is usually better to work together as a community on events and programs and if you have an idea for a community project or program, call us we can discuss the potential.